Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Beautiful Beauty Reviews

Makeup is everywhere nowadays, and it can be difficult to decide which to pick when you have so much to choose from with so many different price tags. I always find it helpful looking up reviews of products before I buy because I, like many people, have bought make up that is just rubbish! So to try and help a few people out, I will be reviewing four of my favourite makeup products that are both staple pieces and great for this time of the year!

The first product is from GOSH Cosmetics and is the 'Eye Brow Kit' which retails at £8.49. Before I bought this product, I always used a pencil to fill in my eye brows, but now I've tried this kit, I will never go back! For me, applying with powder rather than a pencil gives a much more natural look. Its easy to apply and difficult to make your brows look OTT,  which is always a risk when applying with a pencil applicator! The kit has three different shades from light to dark and is really easy to match to your brow colour. Sometimes, I will blend two colours together which is give you even more of a colour range if needed. It also comes with wax to hold your brows in place which is just wonderful!  

The set does come with a cute angled brush, but I have lost mine! Having the brush plus a little mirror on the lid makes this perfect to carry around in your handbag during the day. Not that you will need it, I find that the product has really good hold and I rarely reapply during the day (unless I've been rubbing my face lots!) I am so glad I found this eye brow kit, I will never go back to pencil! Well done GOSH cosmetics! 

Next up is MAC Cosmetics with the mascara 'Extended Play Gigablack Lash' and retails at £14.50. This is my all time favourite mascara. I have used so many mascaras in the past, and I have never found one as good as this product. When I first saw it, I didn't think i would like it as it had quite a thin brush and thought that because it wasn't nice and thick, it wouldn't do the job. I was wrong. Very wrong! It makes your lashes perfectly black with so much length without making your lashes feel clumpy and heavy. The thin brush also makes application easier, you can really get into the corners of your eyes.The wear on the mascara is great, I don't think I have ever reapplied during the day.

The product itself is fairly small, so I thought that it wouldn't last me very long. Again, I was wrong! I have had my mascara for around 5 months and its still going strong! I use it everyday. It is well worth the money for a great product that will last you a long time and give you lushly extended lashes.Well done MAC! 

MAC cosmetics is next up again with a beautiful blush that is perfect for this time of year! It's in the shade Stubborn and is the Pro Longwear Blush. It retails at £20 which is a little more expensive than your usual blush. However, there is a reason for this other than being amazing...It is a much more intense colour, meaning that you need to put hardly anything on your cheek for it to show and blend into your skin. I have had this product for over 5 months and I don't think I've even made a dent in it. I use it almost everyday. This blush also has the advantage that it never need reapplying during the day. I have had many blushes in the past that have needed reapplying during the day, but this product is just stuck to your cheek like glue! 

The colour is so lovely, as though you have just been on a long walk on a winters day and your cheeks are the perfect flushed colour. Its a very autumnal! It is definitely the best blush I've used and I will be buying it again! (If i ever get through it all!) Another great product by MAC!

Last but not least is a product from The Body Shop. It is the Moonstone eyeshadow Unfortunately, the don't seem to sell it anymore, but if you click on the link, it will bring up a similar match. This eye shadow is perfect for this time of year as it has a shimmer to it. It applies well and has good wear.

 I love digging this eyeshadow out for the autumn/winter time! The colours are lovely and go with pretty much all outfits. Having a light and dark side means you can achieve a lovely smokey look! Well done Body Shop!

I hope that these reviews have been helpful and have enjoyed reading them. What are your favourite makeup products that will always be found in your beauty bag?