Sunday, 5 October 2014

Nails, Nails & more Nails

By looking at my previous posts, you may notice that I really enjoy being creative and one of my loves in life is nail painting and creating various designs that make my nails stand out,which usually includes some form of glitter! Although I really love getting my nails done, it can be quite expensive for us normal folk. As an alternative, I happily spend an afternoon painting my nails and trying out new designs. So I thought that it might nice to share some with you, explain how I do it and how easy it can be for an armature like me!

I created these first nails for a holiday that I went on this year, because who doesn't like having lovely nails when you are lounging around by the pool! I wanted to create something that looked like a sunset and it was super easy to do with a really lovely outcome.

First of all, I picked three colours that resembled a sunset. I chose pink, orange and yellow. I painted my nail with a plain white to start to give a nice base and make the colours pop that little bit more. Next I used a sponge ( nothing fancy, I just stole one from under the sink that we use for washing up!) and began painting a small line of pink at the edge of the sponge, next overlapping with a line of orange and then finally overlapping again with a line of yellow. I then took the sponge and rolled it across my nail making sure the yellow was at the tip of my nail. 

You have to be fairly quick with this because as you know sponges are very absorbent and if you aren't quick enough, it will drink all your lovely nail varnish leaving not a huge amount for your nails! I will usually repeat this process once more to give it a better covering. While the paint is still wet, take your best clear top coat varnish, because we don't want all this hard work to chip away the next day, and apply. The reason you need to apply the top coat while it is wet is because it blends the three colours together nicely giving it that sunset look. And that is all it takes! It might take a few practise runs to get it the way you want, but the outcome in the end is so worth it!

You can see that there is also a little glitter bow that I added for decoration. I bought the bow from eBay for just 99p! The temptation to have a little glitter in the sun was too much to resist! I glued it on with a little nail glue and sealed it with top coat. 

If you wanted to make this design a little less summery now that we are in the lovely season that is autumn, you can change the colours around with perhaps dark to light purples. It works with so many colours you can really get your creative bones working! 

The second design I wanted to show you is a far more Christmassy and of course includes glitter! 

For this, I started off by applying fake plain stick on nails. I did this because my nails were very short and I think this look is better with longer nails. Again, this is such an easy design to create that has amazing results and looks just perfect for the run up to Christmas. I used a set called 'Bling it on Rocks' by Nails Inc that has two gorgeous pots of glitter, sliver and black, which i used for the tips of the nail.
Once I had all my nails on (that sounds awful!) I applied two coats of very Christmassy red nail varnish. After applying the second coat and while it was still wet, I poured a little of the sliver glitter on the tip of my nail and used a little brush, much like a makeup brush, to sweep the glitter up my nail. Be careful to not pour too much glitter on the nail as you only want a trail of glitter going up your nail. 


Once I had completed this with each of my nails, I applied my clear top coat to hold all the glitter in place and that was it! So simple and so wonderful!

This is only two of many designs that I like to create so if you would like to see more (one being Disney themed!!) let me know in the comments below! Remember I'm not a professional so literally anyone can do it!