Wednesday, 1 October 2014


When I first imagined what my blog would be like and the kind of things I would write about, I never really thought I would be writing about more serious topics. I wanted to keep the blog fun and light hearted because I just saw it as a bit of a hobby. But I was having what I call an 'ugly day' and it really made me want to write about body image. It’s just such a big part of life. You wake up, you look at yourself. You get dressed, you look at yourself. You walk past a shop window, see your reflection, and look at yourself. You brush your teeth, you look at get the gist. If you aren't happy with the way you look, it might seem like you are constantly reminded of it; whether that be your body shape, the way your hair looks, the shape of your nose or even your eyebrows (it’s a facial nemesis for some!) 

It might feel like everybody is going to notice that you’re having a bad hair day, or that your jeans aren’t fitting the way you want, but they don't. Nobody is really bothered. I have days sometimes when I don’t want to leave the house, but regardless of if I felt beautiful or ugly, the people that see me won't notice any difference. It's all about you and how you carry yourself. There is no right or wrong way with how we are meant to look. Everybody is different, people will always be smaller or bigger in size, have straighter or wonkier teeth, have longer or shorter legs, and that is what is amazing about us. We are all unique and have people that love us no matter what we look like. 

We need to have the confidence of little ones. Do you remember caring about how your arms looked? I doubt you did...because you were too interested in just living your life and having fun. I know that it’s hard when you are having a bad day to make yourself not worry and feel good about yourself and I need to take a leaf out of my own book on my 'ugly days'; but it’s so important to be able to feel comfortable in your own skin. And remember that everyone has those days when they don’t feel their best. I bet even BeyoncĂ© does! And the Queen! 

I feel like it should be a challenge for anyone that reads this blog (whether thats one person or ten) and me, to think about the bigger picture when they are having an off day. To look at ourselves in the mirror, smile and say "I’m beautiful and unique". There is no one else like there out you, so you have to make sure you show the world the best you there is at every opportunity! Smiling can really change the way you feel, even if you are feeling rubbish. Apparently is scientifically proven! 

I didn't want to ramble on about it too much because the body confidence topic is everywhere now, but i hope that this has helped at least one person who is feeling a bit rubbish! Remember you are lovely! (said to the 'remember your a womble' theme tune)


P.S. This is a great soundtrack for when you are getting ready in the mornings or need just a little pick me up!