Tuesday, 6 January 2015

2015 to be Favourites

I know the year has only just begun, but I thought I would share with you some of my for sure to be favourites of 2015 as I'm already loving them and it's only 6 days in! I haven't done a favourites post as yet, so it was really fun picking out bits and bobs that I am really enjoying at the moment. So without further ado, I present to you my to be 2015 favourites!

First up, I have the US TV series 'New Girl'. I absolutely love this programme. The only show I can liken it to is Friends, and I am obsessed with Friends: it's my all time favourite TV programme! New Girl never fails to make me laugh out loud and will always cheer me up. I am watching at least two episodes every night at the moment with my boyfriend which is a really nice thing to do together after a long day apart at work! Especially as it's winter and its nice to cosy up on the sofa. If you want to find a comedy that will not fail to make you laugh, this is the one for you! If you have seen it, isn't Schmidt just the best!?? 
This is a necklace that I love wearing at the moment. I got it for Christmas so not entirely sure where it is from, but know you can get very similar ones in normal high street stores.  Its so simple it literally goes with anything and can glam up any plain outfit with the sparkly stones that line the circle. I don't usually wear gold, but thought that this looked so elegant I couldn't resist loving it. I am certain this will be a key piece of jewellery for me in 2015! 

Now although this isn't exactly a product you can buy, but I wanted to share it with you because its such a cute, thoughtful gift idea. For Christmas, my best friend made me a little keepsake of 52 reasons why we are best chummys. She wrote them on a deck of playing cards by sticking bits of paper over the middle of each card and binded them all together. This is something I will keep close to me throughout 2015 to flick through when I'm feeling a little sad. Its bound to cheer me right up!! This is a great idea to give to someone special that is thoughtful and low in cost!
Next up I have Bobbie Brown's Long-wear eye liner. I have been using this so much recently! Its gel based and is applied very easily with an eyeliner brush. It's so soft to apply and gives you great control if you wanted to a more detailed style. It lasts a really long time, and even longer if a primer base is applied. This is a product that I will always be reaching for in 2015!


Take That's album! Need I say more?? This is TT's first album since going as a three piece and I think they have never sounded better. Every single song is brilliant, with not one feeling like an "album filler". It has the perfect combination of upbeat and slower songs each one just as catchy. I could listen to it over and over again, which is why I am certain this is going to be a 2015 favourite!

Keeping with the music theme, I have the McBusted album on my list! Now, I'm not going to lie, I'm a McFly girl and always have been (a true GD some may say) which is why I love this album. Anything involving McFly will be on my favourites list and I'm excited to have it for 2015. I feel like I don't really need to explain why this album is great, just listen and the music will tell you!
I have another necklace that I am really loving at the moment and has made me favourites list. Just like the necklace before, it goes with everything and adds a touch of "coolness" (could I be any less cool saying that..?) to your outfit. It has a very long adjustable chain so you can wear it with so many different style tops/dresses. I feel like it won't really go out of fashion which is why I'm happy to have it as a 2015 to be favourites list! Plus Holly Willoughby has a very similar necklace and I love her!

Now I'm sure a lot of you have probably read this book, but OMG! Its just great! I literally stayed up till around 2.00am last night because I couldn't put it down. I am around 3/4 of the way through and can't wait till bed time so I can finish it! It has the perfect amount of romance and friendship in it making the book relatable, exciting and heart warming. I am so happy I have this book and I am sure I  will read it for the second time in 2015!
My final favourite to be of 2015 is my camera. Now I couldn't really take a picture of my camera because that would be a little bit difficult to do, so instead to represent my camera, I have a few pictures I have taken out my bedroom window. This year I wanted to take more pictures, so I think I've done well so far! Even if we are only 6 days in...hope you like them! (Spot the only star in the sky!)

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Have you got any for sure to be 2015 favourites?