Monday, 29 September 2014

Mini Storage Project

So currently I am in an in between stage of being finished at university and waiting to start my new job. For anyone that has been in this situation, you know it can be a little boring and some days find yourself just watching rubbish daytime TV- all day! I realised that I needed to make the most of this precious freedom, so I decided to get a little bit creative! My room is filled with so much stuff that is not really organised or put away neatly so I was inspired to have a mini storage project.

I have a really big cupboard in my room that I wasn't able to use for a really long time because it was jam packed with my sister’s stuff, whom no long lives at home. I managed to persuade her to dive into the cupboard and empty it out and take it all back to her house, giving me a whole new area to play with! In the process I also decided to have a clear out of my draws and managed to completely empty two draws, giving me so much extra room to be able to store things away neatly. I got started with measuring the cupboard and draws so I knew what size storage boxes to get and I set off to Wilkinson's. I spent a good half an hour in the shop pulling out various boxes, deciding how they would fit in the space I had and just generally just making a huge mess in the shop...

When I got all the boxes I needed and found some cute little trays (for only £2, bargain!) I was able to start organising my room and making it look much clearer. I know it might sound boring, but it was so much fun!! There is something really satisfying about organising things and having them fit neatly all together and knowing where everything is, instead of having to spend 10 minutes looking for your favourite clutch bag. 

I wish I had taken a picture of what this cupboard used to look like. It was one big mess. Now it is a beautiful collection of my favourite things, packed away neatly, all in one place at arms reach.  Very satisfying... 

Bits like my hairdryer and straighteners used to just sit on my long desk, and now they have a new home together in this cute little basket. 

I had lots of crafty bits hanging around my room; some that I didn’t even realise were there. Now they are all together in this basket, I can just take it out when I’m feeling creative and be able to see everything I have. (Can you see the amount of glitter pots I have...? I'm truly obsessed with glitter!)

These are my two favourite baskets! Before, my makeup was all crammed and overflowing into a tiny makeup bag that made it difficult to see what I had. Now it sits all perfectly and neatly together in my draw and out of the way when I don’t need it. It’s also really helpful because I can see what I have. I didn't realise I had so many nice eye shadows! I also put my makeup brushes into a basket because I think it looks much neater than when I was storing it in a rubbish old cup!

My heels! They used to sit in my room under my radiator, (collecting dust most of the time-someone take me out!) I managed to find a long enough clear box that allowed me to put all my shoes away. This was great because my room is fairly small and freeing up the floor space has made my room feel much clearer! 

There were other boxes that I didn't take pictures of that included: a book box, a memory box and even a miscellaneous box, which I thought was genius! Now whenever I go in my room it makes me very happy. I feel like it’s a much more usable space for me now, and having a pretty clear room also seems to help me sleep better! 

I hope I have inspired some of you who need a little project and like me, have stuff everywhere! I promise that it’s a project that will bring you lots of satisfying pleasure!!