Thursday, 8 January 2015

Zoella's Girl Online Book Review


If you have seen my previous post, you will know that I have got Zoe Sugg's Girl Online Book. I've just finished reading it, and I loved it so much, I felt that I needed to give it a little review on here!
You know when you've read a good book when you start thinking about the characters in day to day life as if they are real people you know (after you've finished the book!) That's what I am like with Girl Online.
When I first got it, I have to admit I was a tiny bit unsure whether I was going to get on with it as I was under the impression it was aimed more at the teenager generation. However, the mature subject of writing about dealing with panic attacks and how Zoe has approached it was so refreshing! You can tell that she is writing it as someone who suffers from panic attacks herself as it was so accurate and didn't pretend to know what she was talking about.
It was great reading how Penny (the main character) grew throughout the book and seeing her journey to become a stronger woman. It really leaves you feeling empowered. There was just the right amount of friendship, romance and family life that made the book exciting, heart warming, motivating and relatable.
I am a true girly girl when it comes to books so I love reading a good romance and this story ticked that box, big time! It literally filled me with joy with a huge smile plastered over my face. I know this might sound a bit weird, but the book was just so satisfying! I didn't finish the book feeling like I needed more information, or that certain parts of the story needed more detail. It was exactly what I wanted and was able to shut the book feeling content and satisfied. I don't want to tell you the ending for those of you who haven't read it, but it was just right!
This book is a real page turner, the kind that keeps you up till past 2.00am desperate to find out more!
Have you read Girl Online? What are your thoughts?
Got any book recommendations for me?


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