Monday, 5 January 2015

Hello 2015!

I can't believe its 2015! (the year 'Back to the Future' went to the future!) Other than the fact I've started my new year with a rotten cold and I sit here not being able to get any air up my nose, I feel that this year is going to be a good one - I love writing the number 5!  Its been a little while since I last updated my blog and a lot has happened since then. My brother got married and had the most beautiful wedding ever and I started a new job, so i've been pretty busy!

I thought that I would start the year as I mean to go on, so a blog update was the way forward! Of course the main topic around at the moment is new year resolutions! There is something about the whole new years resolutions thing that feels very temporary. You set yourself all these great new goals with all the best intensions that the majority of the time will fade away after the first 2/3 months. I have a theory that its because we put ourselves under too much pressure with them, and they begin to almost feel like homework.

This year, I wanted to set myself a new years resolution of taking more photos (I got a new camera for Christmas) and investing more time on my little corner of the internet that I like to call my blog. But I felt like if I did this, it would start to feel more like a chore than anything else. So I've decided to call it 'My New Hobbies of 2015 that I Will Not Feel Guilty if I Don't Do Every Week'. It might just be a tiny bit of a long title, but i'd prefer not to categorise it with the same new years resolution chore of 'I will eat not chocolate this year!' (which is the most impossible task) and puts a little less pressure on me!

So hopefully if my plan works, you will be seeing my little blog updated more often with some pretty pictures I have taken with my camera! And if that doesn't happen, I wont feel guilty because I have categorised it under a great, but very long, title!

Other hobbies/challenges that I would like to do this year are:
Read more books
Eat healthy
Go to Disneyland
Go on holiday
Watch the complete 'Gossip Girl' boxset
Be more understanding
Worry less
Make the most of my weekends
Go to the cinema more
Go on more walks
Take my camera with me everywhere (its always the moments when you don't have your camera that the best photo opportunities arise)

Have you got any new 2015 hobbies that you would like to start? How do you find keeping to your new years resolutions? Got any tips?

Cheerio! x